About Us

We Are Jewelry Medias

Your in-house graphics and marketing department.

Jewelry Medias specializes in professional content creation specifically for the jewelry industry.

Our services are industry-specific and include jewelry photography, social media services, SEO, SEM, web design, software development, and graphics & branding.



Jewelry Photography

Professional, high quality product photography for jewelers.

Digital Marketing

Online digital advertising tailored specifically for jewelers.

Web Development

Mobile-first, fully responsive websites that convert.

Why Work With Us

Your marketing and design team. Consolidate your services and get consistent, cohesive results.

If your advertising agency makes YOU the one responsible for providing content, then maybe you should think about trying a less stressful, more integrated method.

Marketing companies always start out with huge, sweeping promises of success and progress. The reality is often a much different picture, and at every point they fall short it is you, the client, left holding the blame. The ad campaigns are falling short, and they claim they need more images and relevant content to properly market your business. How is that going to happen when they are eating through all of your marketing budget? And what exactly are they doing anyway? Acquiring clicks on a bad, unattractive ad is actually more expensive than getting clicks on a something more relevant and fresh.

Most marketing companies are very well aware of this, but they are perfectly willing to spend YOUR money on the same old tired, inefficient ads and to charge you a premium for their services. They would prefer that you spend your valuable advertising dollars on their services instead of investing in content.

At Jewelry Medias, we provide the whole package – from content creation to ad implementation and reporting. With us, the buck stops here. We create the images for your campaigns using YOUR inventory. You will no longer be stuck with only advertising designer lines that provide their retailers with images.

We shoot your inventory at our studio, fully secure and insured, and provide attractive, versatile images. Enjoy the benefits of having an in-house graphics and advertising department without the expense.

Our web designers and SEO experts provide industry-specific services to give you a competitive edge usually only available to a company large enough to invest in their own in-house imaging and marketing departments.

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