Social Media Services

Social media management tailored specifically for the jewelry industry.

Social Media Ads

Choose between targeting your current users and converting them into customers, or target new potential customers with stunning carousel ads, highlighting your products and linking them to your website.

Remarketing Ad Campaign

$250per month
  • Target Current Users Who Visited Your Website
  • Stay Fresh In Your Visitor's Mind
  • Convert Current Users Into Customers

Product Ad Campaign

$450per month
  • Target New Potential Users
  • Get New Eyes On Your Products
  • Carousel Product Image Ads

Using Jewelry Media Resources posting service will make sure your social media platforms are up to date and functioning to their full potential. We are constantly monitoring changes in algorithms and updating our methods to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of social media marketing. Please note that this service is only available to clients that have purchased a monthly content package.

Social Media Management

$1,200per month
  • 4 Posts per Week + Relevant Stories
  • 1 Poll/Quiz per Week
  • 1 Monthly Contest